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Federal Skill Trade Program





2+ Yr.



Federal Skill Trade Program / Federal Skilled Trade Program Canada

In order to qualify, applicants will need to have:

  • Maximum number of 3,000 applications is required for an applicant to qualify the federal skill trade program.
  • The applicant should get a job offer from CANADA as it is skilled program originated in Canada and for being a permanent skilled worker in Canada, the applicant must get a job offer because the Federal Skill Trade Program is a program meant for the skilled workers who wants to become permanent residents on the basis of their qualification in a skilled trade.
  • The applicant who are willing to apply for Federal Skill Trade Program must pursue a certificate of qualification from a province or territory in that skilled trade. This is a compulsion for all the applicants.
  • IELTS which stands for International English Language Testing System should be general 5.0 is required for any applicant to qualify the Federal Skill Trade Program as this program make sure that the applicant have the grasp of English or French. The applicant applying for Federal Skill Trade Program must have an experience of minimum two years of full time work experience before applying into the Federal Skill Trade Program. It is not mandatory to have a full-time work experience, the applicant also have part-time work experience but it should be of minimum two years in order to qualify this program.